Welcome to Solar Tan! We are the premier high pressure tanning salon in Greenville, SC. We are located at 301 Haywood Center in the David's Bridal shopping center on Haywood Road. 

We specialize in high pressure tanning. The term high pressure refers to tanning in a controlledHigh Pressure Tanning Bedenvironment with very little burning ray. Our beds utilize the most powerful tanning bulbs that emit mostly browning rays. You will be able to achieve a beautiful golden tan in as little as three sessions. Due to the low burning ray in our bulbs, you will only have to tan twice monthly to maintain your color. Of course, you can tan more often if you would like.

We also offer amazing spray tanning! You have two options with our spray tanning. If you choose the booth spray, you have three different levels to choose from (level one is a soft golden glow, level two is a nice medium tan, level three is a beautiful rich dark tan). The booth will ensure an even and complete tan. 

Phototherapy Skin TreatmentThe airbrush spray tan is hand applied to meet the most discerning tanning needs. The spray is applied by hand and can be contoured to add color at any level and even fade out tan lines! Appointments are requested 24 hours in advance for the airbrush. We welcome walk-ins for the booth. (Please reference our spray tan section for how to prepare for the spray). 

We are a California Tan exclusive salon and we specialize in the finest skin care for before, during and after tanning. We also offer a complete line of jewelry and Candleberry candles in our boutique. 

We are THRILLED to offer South Carolina's only Allure phototherapy machines. Phototherapy is healing of the skin with the use of specialized LED lights. There are 24 positive effects you can expect to see with the use of phototherapy. You will see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, reduced pore size, evening of skin tone and firming of the skin, fading of brown spots and age spots, better hydration and much more. 

At Solar Tan our mission is to provide you with an exceptional experience. Please come visit or call us today!


Keli Miller opened Solar Tan in 1995 here in Greenville, SC and has loved tanning ever since! Keli expanded Solar Tan in 2009 making room for the latest state of the art Tanning and Phototherapy equipment. So if you wish to spend a little time with a true tanning professional, Keli Miller is honestly the best in the business. Come visit Solar Tan today!